Ongoing Progress: Global Indymedia application process
by LVIMC Sunday January 02, 2005 at 08:12 PM


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We're getting closer to being an official IMC Network organization. Keep track of the progress here as we travel through the IMC Network membership process:

01/22/2005 -- Editorial Collective met to work on editorial policy.

01/19/2005 -- Consensed on a password policy to regulate who has access to the administrative section of the website. We now have a snail mail address so we can accept incoming mail.

01/05/2005 -- The domain name is now registered and working. We consensed on a mission statement, agreed again to the Principles of Unity, and consensed on guildelines for feature articles in the center column. We agreed that we'll try a new meeting space, The Pride Factory for our next meeting.

12/15/2004 -- The policies on how to get articles published to the center column and how to get a password was revisited due to confusion about the date of the last meeting. The first policy on getting articles published to the center column was consented, but no consensus was obtained on the password issue due to lack of time. The agenda was interrupted a couple times and two agenda items besides the password policy were skipped.

12/1/2004 -- About six of us met and together came up with a clear policy on how to get articles published to the center column and another policy on assigning username and password to access site administration. Also determined that in January at the latest, we will buy a domain name service and change it to We agreed that center column articles should have some kind of tangible relevance to Las Vegas, but right column articles can be global.

11/17/2004 -- About ten of us met and three committed to restart tech collective meetings, defined together what Indymedia is, and also discussed the print collective and editorial collective.

10/20/2004 -- Even though only a few of us met, we decided that we don't have an affiliation with any political party, state or candidate for office and will not have any affiliation with such groups or individuals, we will not engage in commercial for-profit enterprises, and we already have included the current 'Cities List' at the bottom of this page, basically satisfying three more membership criteria points.

10/6/2004 -- We agreed that we're successfully developing a core group of committed members and that we do hold open and public meetings regularly. Now, we're moving on to the mission statement, editorial policy, and developing an agreed upon decision-making and mediation process. Meanwhile, we're still working on outreach!

9/30/2004 -- Still focusing on outreach and increasing traffic to the site.

8/18/2004 -- Adopted IMC Points of Unity, our main focus is now outreach!

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