A Poem for Palestine
by Ainoku Saadiq Monday July 18, 2005 at 06:17 AM

“If there is anything I would want for people to realize about this conflict, it is that, it is up to this world to be compassionate enough to cease it. By that I mean, we all have a position in this conflict, whether it be directly or indirectly, we can all help to end it. We as Americans can use our freedom of speech to help bring an end to the atrocities the Palestinians must now endure. No people should have to face such humiliation and torture. No people should wake everyday in the midst of warfare. No people should have to be ethnically cleansed when their own culture is rich enough. No people should be stripped of their pride until they are forced to fear. No people should fear. No people should have to wait to be liberated, they should already be free. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., has a book entitled, “Why We Can’t Wait,” and the struggle he fought for in the sixties, is the same struggle Palestinians face today, and here is why they can’t wait: they’ve waited long enough…”

Walking past a pool of blood, reality
Bullets flying daily, sad, but a reality
Kids throwing rocks at tanks
Comparison to Israelis dodging rocks from their tanks
Israelis putting money in their own banks,
Profiting, from the dividends the U.S. spends on them daily
Look at the figures,
But let's not put a price on the lives,
let us not justify how the media lies,
news distorted, so I've resorted to my own research
and the more I learn the more I hurt,
the more I read the more I search,
until I find what this whole war's worth,
and when I find it, I rewind it,
to connect it's beginnings with what it's become
I never run out of questions,
But to avoid second guessing
I try to keep my television turned off…
to afflict oppression
and you were once oppressed
is so
very confusing and hard to digest,
no occupation means, no more camps,
whether they be concentrations or refugees,
to openly persecute a people as you were once persecuted,
can be,
heavily disputed,
but in essence it's just stupid,
so why do you do it,
I mean, why do you reenact,
exactly what happened to you, until it happens right back,
with the counterattack,
retaliation, must follow every action,
and if you're always at war,
then when are you relaxing,
it's like the U.S., we be, taxing, and taxing,
and supporting Israel's economy, while we receive but a fraction
as a matter of faction, in turn,
we support the killing,
America do we realize the lives that were stealing,
before they're lived,
we can't even give them a life that,
never knew war and only knew peace,
instead they only know war, and can't conceive peace,
as America continues to aid Israel,
who is responsible for Palestinians experiencing hell on earth,
for every birth there is death,
which leads me to question,
why have air, if they don't' have the breath,
to breath it?

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