URGENT UPDATE: Citations at Circle Park
by @ki_b@ Sunday February 19, 2006 at 06:38 PM

URGENT UPDATE: Moments ago, Sunday 2/19/2006, 2:50 p.m., two people were cited for trespassing at Circle Park, just south of Charleston on Maryland Parkway. Cameras and witnesses are desparately needed, so if you have some time, head on down to Circle Park.

This is the beginning of the 'official' police intimidation surrounding the issue of serving and eating of food at Circle Park. For months now, many people have gone to Circle Park (including city officials and homeless advocates) in order to serve, eat food and provide other needed resources to those who need it most. The free food has not only helped countless numbers of people but has also brought with it a great deal of public and media attention.

'Unofficial' police intimidation started with verbal threats and random warrant checks and arrests. The police would stand far away and videotape people as they served and ate. They'd often walk around the park asking people questions like, "Who's in charge here?" and "What group are you with?"

In a meeting with the Las Vegas City attorney and local homeless advocates, the city stood firm in their belief that homelessness is a crime and that anyone aiding in this crime will be cited. Apparently, this was not a bluff. It's not clear yet if these citations will lead to court dates or if they're yet another intimidation tactic meant to scare people away from the park.

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