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The Las Vegas Indymedia Center is a non-commercial, democratic collective of Las Vegas independent media makers and media outlets, and serves as the local organizing unit of the global Indymedia network.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Las Vegas IMC is to provide well-crafted, honest information about events that are either ignored or misrepresented by other media sources and to combat inaccuracies in the mainstream media.

Furthermore, we seek to empower our communities and citizens to make their own media and thereby liberate the flow of information both from controlling groups and corporate interests. We agree to the global IMC Principles of Unity and mission statement. We strive to be the local unit of the worldwide Indymedia Network and seek to provide information not only from Las Vegas but all of Nevada and other areas of the Southwest, and globally when possible.

Principles of Unity: Las Vegas Indymedia Center

  1. The Independent Media Center Network (IMCN) is based upon principles of equality, decentralization and local autonomy. The IMCN is not derived from a centralized bureaucratic process, but from the self-organization of autonomous collectives that recognize the importance in developing a union of networks.
  2. The Las Vegas Indymedia Center considers open exchange of and open access to information a prerequisite to the building of a more free and just society.
  3. The Las Vegas Indymedia Center respects the right of activists who choose not to be photographed or filmed.
  4. The Las Vegas Indymedia Center, based upon the trust of their contributors and readers, shall utilize open web based publishing, allowing individuals, groups and organizations to express their views, anonymously if desired.
  5. The Las Vegas Indymedia Center and its local IMC collectives shall be not-for-profit.
  6. The Las Vegas Indymedia Center recognizes the importance of process to social change and is committed to the development of non-hierarchical and anti-authoritarian relationships, from interpersonal relationships to group dynamics. Therefore, shall organize themselves collectively and be committed to the principle of consensus decision making and the development of a direct, participatory democratic process that is transparent to its membership.
  7. The Las Vegas Indymedia Center recognizes that a prerequisite for participation in the decision making process of each local group is the contribution of an individual's labor to the group.
  8. The Las Vegas Indymedia Center is committed to caring for one another and our respective communities both collectively and as individuals and will promote the sharing of resources including knowledge, skills and equipment.
  9. The Las Vegas Indymedia Center shall be committed to the use of free source code, whenever possible, in order to develop the digital infrastructure, and to increase the independence of the network by not relying on proprietary software.
  10. The Las Vegas Indymedia Center shall be committed to the principle of human equality, and shall not discriminate, including discrimination based upon race, gender, age, class or sexual orientation. Recognizing the vast cultural traditions within the network, we are committed to building diversity within our localities.
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This is your independent media center. As an all-volunteer organization, we need you to get involved!

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